interSolar Again, Omnik Prepared


On June 22, 2016, the interSolar took place annually at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany. Being the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry and its partners, interSolar had attracted more than 1000 leading companies and 60 thousands visitors this year. As the Sino-German joint inverter manufacture, Omnik New Energy had brought the hot series (Omniksol-M300/M600 Omniksol-3K/4K/5K-TL2 Omniksol-6k/8k/9k/10k-TL2 ) and new product Hybrid to the interSolar to show the respect towards German market.

interSolar Again, Omnik Prepared

Due to the limitations of traditional energy, the green energy has gained more and more attention, especially the solar energy. Solar energy has the advantages of unlimitedness, easily available, clean and economical efficiency. It will be a wise choice to choose solar energy as the alternative energy. Hence, a lot of countries have practiced the PV development plans. As the most important industry platform in the solar industry, interSolar focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, energy storage systems, renewable heating technologies, as well as on products and solutions for smart renewable energy. It will not only influence the European market but the global market as well.

To match European market’s need, Omnik had displayed the micro inverter Omniksol-M300/M600; Mini inverter Omniksol-1k/1.5k-TL-M; single phase inverter Omniksol-3K/4K/5K-TL2 series and three phase inverter Omniksol-6k/8k/9k/10k-TL2 series. Omnik’s 1-5kw inverters have been sold more than 200 thousands all over the world, and the export volume ranks NO.1 among the similar products. Having the advantages of light volume, high efficiency, radiation efficiency, long life cycle and user friendly, Omnik’s inverter gained great reputation in global market. In the exhibition, the displayed inverter had caught visitors’ eyes immediately and received positive feedback.

interSolar Again, Omnik Prepared

In 2016, the global new installation amount will close to 67GW, and the Germany only has 1GW which less than 1/5 of the amount in 2011. The reason for the decreasing is the lower subsidies in Germany of green power. When selling the power to the grid is no longer profitable, people are more willing to reserve the electricity produced from solar energy. In other words, the time of hybrid inverter has come.

Omnik has already observed this trend and launched the new hybrid inverter. The hybrid can better use the solar resource and generate the electricity even at night. Besides, it has less influence to the grid and capable of manage the power smartly. In interSolar, the hybrid was much appreciated by the visitors and there is no doubt that it will become the new fashion in PV industry.

interSolar Again, Omnik Prepared

As the inverter manufacturing expert, Omnik has developed the complete product series: micro inverter 300W-600W; single inverter 1-5KW; three phase inverter 4-35KW. In international market, Omnik has gained its reputation by high quality and superior service. In the future, Omnik will keep and practice its promise to the mankind: let us share the blue sky and white clouds!

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