Omnik: Back India Market with Vengeance


On Septmber 7-9, Renewable Energy India Expo (REI), the most influential energy exhibition in India has opened in New Delhi. This exhibition has attracted lots of companies from PV industry and Omnik New Energy joined this event as last year (booth No. 7.61 ).

Omnik: Back India Market with Vengeance

India faced the most serious electricity challenge among the world’s top 20 economies. However, India has sufficient sunshine which provides large developing space for PV industry.

According to PV installation capacity in recent years, India showed a rapid growth trend. In 2015, the total installation capacity was 2.1GW, and the forecast for 2016 will go up to 7GW. Actually, in the early 2014, India’s president has announced the revitalization plan for solar energy. To 2022, India hope to achieve 100GW in solar installation capacity and the total investment shall be 800-1000 billion. Since the present installation is less than 6GW, the remaining market is super large.

Omnik: Back India Market with Vengeance

As the emerging market, India has been the focus of the world’s PV industry. Same as Omnik New Energy, numbers of Chinese companies also have planned to take the market share. In this exhibition, Omnik displayed the hot sale inverters with different power. To get into India market, the inverter not only needs high-quality techniques, IEC and VDE certifications but also require large investment to apply the certification.

Omnik: Back India Market with Vengeance

According to the data analysis from relevant institution, by the end of June 2016, Rajasthan has the largestt installation capacity in India which is 1,286MW. Gujarat ranks the second with 1,062MW; and the following cities is Andhra Pradesh ( 793MW ), Madhya Pradesh(776MW) and Telangana (528MW).

India government promotes the allowance to encourage installing the PV power stations, especially in south and west area of India. With the support from government, Omnik will make best use of its channel resources and back India market with vengeance.

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