Omnik Star Product Attracted All Attention in Mexican Exhibition


THE GREEN EXPO was formally opened in Mexico City on September 5th, 2017 according to local time. Ellen Xue, Omnik’s International Sales Director led the team for this exhibition with complete product line. Especially the single-phase inverter products are widely acclaimed in overseas markets and warmly discussed by many visitors.


It is known that Omnik 1-5k single-phase series inverter has been sold in overseas market for many years, and it has formed extensive brand awareness and far-reaching brand influence in Mexican market. Many visitors gathered in front of the stand, who consulted various technical details and cooperations. They said that Omnik inverters can be directly applied in various distributed photovoltaic power station projects during the tide of new energy revolution in Mexico. The Omnik’s products show high efficiency, high stability and high reliability according to historical data. Visitors consistently believe that selection of Omnik inverters is the powerful guarantee of long-life and operational effectiveness of photovoltaic power stations.  

SolarDS, an important partner of Omnik, said the follows in the exhibition site: their 28kW power station constructed in central Mexico Salamanca applies five 5k-TL2 and one 3k-TL2-S Omnik products. The daily power generating capacity is 180 kWh, which is higher than other inverters by more than 10% to 20%. Visitors have shown keen interests, and checked the power generation on the site with mobile phones represented by SolarDS. When they knew that Omnik released the third generation products recently with consistent high efficiency, further improvement in size ,weight, price/performance ratio, stability and reliability, all visitors have shown great interest and expectation.

There was a special client in Omnik booth on September 6th according to local time. José M. Hernández, former Mexican astronaut from NASA, especially visited Omnik booth. José M. Hernández flew into space by Discovery Space Shuttle in 2009, who completed a 15-day space mission. Mr. Hernandez returned to Mexico and entered the new energy field as a second-generation Mexican American after retiring from NASA. Mr. Hernandez listened to company and product introduction of Omnik in details, and he hoped that he could cooperate with Omnik as soon as possible. ‘ Mexico is my father's hometown, and I want to give her the most reliable and efficient source of energy as a gift.’

THE GREENEXPO is the most influential energy exhibition for professionals in Mexico. It is related to efficient energy utilization methods, renewable energy utilization and energy conservation and reduction technologies and methods. Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America with a population of 116 million (2012), which is second only to Brazil in Latin America. Mexico is one of five largest countries accepting solar radiation all over the world. If solar energy can be developed, it can replace the reliance on diesel power generation completely. Current President, Pena Nieto, stresses an ‘energy revolution’ during many structural reforms to economy and society in Mexico.


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