PV Monitoring System

Omnik Provides three simplest and most convenient ways to monitor Inverters, i.e. Wifi-Kit and GPRS-Kit. Through the monitoring tools and Omnik smart monitoring software, you can monitor the working state and generating records anytime, anywhere.

PV Monitoring System

WiFi Kit

Omniksol-WIFIKIT is developed by Omnik as an external communication monitoring device, which integrates WiFi device for users to provide wireless monitoring functionality.

WiFi Kit - Single Phase Inverter


Omniksol-GPRSKIT is developed by Omnik as an external communication monitoring device, (SIM card included), which transfers the collected data to the web server through mobile network for users to monitor their systems remotely.

GPRS Kit - Single Phase Inverter

Micro Kit

MICRO-KIT collects performance data from each microinverter at 5-minute intervals via 2.4G RF. The data includes DC input voltage / current, AC output power/ voltage/ frequency, internal temperature.

Micro Kit - Single Phase Inverter

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