Position Data

Job Responsibility:

  1. Ability to use English as a working language

  2. Bachelor degree or above; major in electrical, electronics and energy or related engineering is preferred. Overseas study or working experience is preferred

  3. With the skills of PV system design, pv inverter, inverter, and UPS technical support is preferred

  4. Good communication skills and foreign language learning ability

  5. Honest and trustworthy, with good professionalism and professional ethics; hard working:


  1. Responsible for overseas sales and promotion of company products

  2. Cooperate with users to complete system solutions and product selection

  3. Be competent for product/business training for customers

  4. Familiar with the photovoltaic industry, with industry working experience preferred

  5. Abroad traveling, visit customers regularly and give feedback on the products

  6. Maintain and develop potential customers

  • Position Data

Job Responsibility:

  1. Responsible for solving all kinds of problems encountered by customer when using the product

  2. Cooperate with users to complete system solutions, products selection and technical communication with users

  3. Responsible for products/business training for customer

  4. Timely communicate with other department, quicklly respond to customer's warranty calls and complaints; provide products maintenace and 

  5. Perform on-site maintenance and visit customers on a regular basis

  6. Assist in sales maintenance and development of potential customer

  7. Responsible for the construction of after-sales system

  8. Answer questions on the FAQ


  1. Major in engineering or related electric power, electronics and energy,having college degree or above is preferred.

  2. Good presentation skills, strong communication skills, adapt to domestic business travel

  3. Honesty and trustworthiness, good professionalism and professional ethics, hard work preferred;electrical knowledge preferred.

  4. CET6 or above, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing.(aimed at the position of Customer Service Specialist)