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Solar Design

Solar Design

Solar Design , a power station design software, is mainly used to help client design their own power station ,such as choosing the corresponding tilt angle, as well as the PV module ,PV inverter and cable etc. 
According to their options, the software will automatically calculate the feasibility of the whole power station. It also can print out a report comprising all the relevant design results.

The website:

  • Solar design software

    SolarDesign, a design software, can assist you designing your PV power station by offering major reference to you. 

    It can be used as follows:

    1. Register a username and finish the confirmation;

    2. Set the geographic location of of your PV power station;

    3. Pick out the type and quantity of omnik inverters you bought;

    4. Set the type and quantity of PV Module for inverters;

    5. You can also calculate Return On Investment for this project.

    After steps above, SolarDesign can calculate power station’s electric parameter and annual electric output. Besides, it can offer you a configurable report form to print the result out.



    1. Contain all major cities’ meteorological data. Use diagram to show radiation received by PV module every month;

    2. PV module contains different manufactures’ products model;

    3. Contain all Omnik inverters’ product data;

    4. Assist you optimizing your power station according to undesirable index shown by input parameter. 


    1. Run directly on the network. No need of installation. Easy to save information;

    2. Can be used on systems as Apple, Windows, linux;

    3. Update database quickly.

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