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Omnik's First TV Show on Globo

8/17/2018 Omnik

Lately, Omnik has been exposed on Brazilian TV news channel - Globo. As a pioneer of discovering Latin America market, a significant number of households have selected Omnik inverters to power their daily energy usage.

This July, Mr. Emanoel lives in Para, Brazil, became the first in the area to have his rooftop covered with solar panels. Globo visited his home as an example of turning green.

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  Engineer showing the configuration of Omnik inverter to reporter

Omnik entered the Latin America Market in 2014. After exclusive research and keen practice Omnik built stable partnerships with distributors and installers in Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Mexico and so on.

As the second largest solar market in Latin America, Brazil’s total distributed solar system installation exceeds 1GW on more than 27,000 projects. According to Brazilian Solar Energy Association, there is an expectation of 358% growth on distributed solar within this year. And the association estimates more than 18% households in Brazil will have access to solar power by 2050.


Globo is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro Brazil which is the largest TV production center in Latin America. Globo has 122 sub-platforms across Brazil, and has two international TV channels, Global TV International Channel and Global TV Portugal Channel.