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  • Compact and Robust

    • Aluminum alloy die casting enclosure, permanently anti-rust

    • IP65, ensuring waterproof and dustproof during the 25-year service life

    • Integrated streamlined case design with elegant appearance

    • Light weight, less than 9kg for 3kWw inverter

    • Dual-in-line wiring method, simplified one-person installation

    • Industrial-grade high quality components, obtaining a 25-year design life

    High Conversion Efficiency, High Overload capacity, More Power Generation Benefit

    • High conversion efficiency up to 97.8%

    • Internal double boards design, without wiring terminal connection

    • Low failure rate, ensuring long-term continuous power generation of the inverter

    • Self-adaptive to the weak grid conservative mechanism, ride-through in harsh environment

    • 10% output overload capacity, increasing power generation benefits by more than 20%

    • 600V withstand voltage, 90~550V wide MPPT range, supporting input over 30%;

    Easy Operation, Intelligent Monitoring, Running Cost Reduction

    • Remote wireless transmission and cloud storage of power generation and operational data

    • One-click APP configuration, real-time query via smart phone, convenient and efficient

    • Support meter communication interface, more accurate power generation data

    • Remote software upgrade, parameter setting and troubleshooting query

    • Provided with the functions of grid remote power control, dry contact, sound and light alarm

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