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  • Operating Flexibility

    • Programable operating modes

    • On-grid mode, easy feed-in to the grid, backflow prevention, energy self-sustainability

    • Off-grid mode, worry-free of grid failure

    • Nonstop power feed from Solar/Battery/Utility

    • Works without battery

    • First priority of PV, second priority programable of battery or grid

    • High efficient BMS, settable EOD, floating voltage and charge crrent

    Intelligent Monitoring

    • LCD, LED dispaly real-time operating information

    • Real-time monitoring software

    • Operating modes are programable via monitoring software

    • Communication via USB, RS485 or SNMP

    High Efficiency and Safety

    • Soft-switching technology, improving inverter efficiency

    • DSP complete digital control technology

    • Small size, light weight, easy installation

    • Supperior protection

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