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Declaration of Termination

3/28/2019 Omnik

The contract started from 31th, January, 2018 between Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. and Omnik Med Srl (Cod. Fisc 14540251007) has expired on 30th, January, 2019. Since Omnik Med Srl was unable to fulfill the payment in a long time, Omnik New Energy has made the decision of terminating the partnership with Omnik Med Srl from now on. Under this circumstance, Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. would like to make following statements

1. Since 30th, January, 2019, all the financial and business activities carried by Omnik Med Srl have no legal relationship with Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. And Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. will not assume any financial or legal responsibilities hereafter.

2. Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. will not offer warranty and after-sales service for the products which are sold after 30th, January, 2019 by Omnik Med Srl or related entities. For Omnik inverter users, please login on Omnik official website ( to check your warranty status.

3. Since 30th, January, 2019, all the business behavior under the name of Omnik New Energy carried out by Omnik Med Srl which including false-information releasing, products selling and so on are all not authorized by Omnik New Energy Co.,Ltd. And Omnik New Energy Co.,Ltd. reserves the rights to pursue corresponsive legal liabilities. 

4. To protect the legal rights for all stakeholders, Omnik New Energy Co.,Ltd. suggests to browse Omnik official website ( for the latest products information and other news. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contract us via email directly



Omnik New Energy Co.,Ltd.

March 27, 2019