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Localized Service In Brazil ——Strategic Cooperation Between MINASOL EIRELI EPP And Omnik In After-sales Service

7/19/2019 Omnik

Recently, Minasol Eireli Epp and Omnik signed the strategic cooperation agreement in after-sales area to service the end-users and installers all over Brazil since maturated Brazilian PV market generates more after-sales service requirements.


In this agreement, Omnik takes charge of developing, manufacturing, promoting and sales work of inverters and relevant products for Brazil PV market, and Minasol Eirrli Epp is responsible for proximal after-sales service work for local users and installers. Both parties show their advantages in this agreement. Omnik has paid great attention to Brazil PV market since 2010, and will continue to offer more high-quality inverters and service for it.

Minasol Eireli Epp earns much fame for their achievements in PV after-sales service and operation work area around Brazil, so it is believed that this strategic cooperation will accelerate local PV industry to grow faster and better.

More detailed contact information as follow:


Address: Rua Rui de Paiva Lima, 190, CEP 38.446-398-Distrito Industrial-Araguari-MG – Brazil

Contacts: Mr. Orcino Borges

Tel: (34) 4105-0011/4105-1100