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Omnik Solar Inverters

Omnik is one of the Best Solar Inverter Manufacturer in China. Best Solar Inverter Price in China at the Highest Product Quality.
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Single Phase Inverter

Omnik Single Phase Inverter applies the world-class technologies with 97.8% conversion efficiency and 99.9% MPPT efficiency.

Three Phase Inverter

Omnik also provides Solar Inverters including Micro Inverters, Three Phase Inverter, etc., which enables it to provide you diversified solutions for choice.

Micro Inverter

Omnik Micro Grid tie Inverter are simply smarter with their highest conversion efficiency reaching up to 96.3%.

PV Monitoring System

Omnik provides three simplest and the most convenient ways to monitor inverters, i.e. Wifi-Kit and GPRS-Kit. Through the monitoring tools and Omnik smart monitoring software, you can monitor the working state and generating records anytime, anywhere.

Solar design software & Design PV Mobile App

Omnik provides four softwares including Omnik View, Solar Design, Omnik Portal, and Solar View, which can serves from mobile portal to power plant design, from smart monitoring to after sales.

We are Ready for Mexico

We are Ready for Mexico

On Nov 26th, Omnik New Energy has attended the Green Expo 2016 in Mexico. In this exhibition, Omnik had displayed the Omniksol-2.5k/3k-TL2-S, Omniksol-3k/4k/5k-TL2 as the star product for Mexican market.


Omnik: Back India Market with Vengeance

On Septmber 7-9, Renewable Energy India Expo (REI), the most influential energy exhibition in India has opened in New Delhi. This exhibition has attracted lots of companies from PV industry and Omnik New Energy joined this event as last year (booth No. 7.61 ).


interSolar Again, Omnik Prepared

On June 22, 2016, the interSolar took place annually at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany. As the Sino-German joint inverter manufacture, Omnik New Energy had brought the hot series and new product Hybrid to the interSolar to show the respect towards German market.


  • Inter Solar South America

    Inter Solar South America

    Date: 23-25, August, 2016
    Location: Sao Paulo
    Booth: No.F02

  • Inter Solar Europe 2016

    Inter Solar Europe 2016

    Date: 22-24, June, 2016
    Location: Munich
    Booth: No.B2-256

  • The Solar Show Philippines 2016

    The Solar Show Philippines 2016

    Date: 24-26, May, 2016
    Location: Manila
    Booth: No.88

  • SNEC 2016 PV Power Expo

    SNEC 2016 PV Power Expo

    Date: 24-26, May, 2016
    Location: Shanghai



    Date: April 7-9, 2016
    Booth NO. : A05C

  • Solar Solution 2016

    Solar Solution 2016

    Date: 16-17, March, 2016
    Location: Netherland
    Booth: B1

Best guide before Installing a solar Inverter

Best guide before Installing a solar Inverter

Choosing a proper location is another crucial step in a successful inverter installation. Today’s solar equipment should last up to twenty years, but location plays a role in that lifetime.


5 reasons why a householder prefer to oversizing Solar Array

When considering to install a on grid solar power system, most householders are suggested to make the PV array capacity bigger than the capacity of solar inverter. For example,in a system with 6kW solar panels,usually it would be configured with a 5kW solar inverter


Latin America Solar Market 2016

South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. According to the report, the region is on pace to install 2.2 gigawatts of PV in 2016, up 55 percent over last year’s 1.4 gigawatts


Introduction of solar inverter

Solar inverters are also called PV inverters, solar PV inverters or PV solar inverters. Their function is to convert DC into AC. In the whole power generation process, solar panels do half the power generation job, and they do the other part